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The thinking cap is on.


Educated Guess.
Yummier than science.

This winery saves the
fullness for the wine,
and keeps the formulas,
well, mostly to itself.
A twofer in the source:
Roots Run Deep.
Chemistry, indeed.

Hey, bartender, pour me
another glass Guess.


As the top of the neck says, "Dive in."

I like the name, font, illustration style and how this wine introduces itself ‘round back. Reminds me of summers in Athens, GA. Green Hills Country Club, a few miles away from home, to which my neighbors and I would bike to and back, sans helmets. I take it that was taken, but works. That is a command, right?

We’ve seen America in much freer, legs-tucked-under, uninhibited stances. Let’s get (back) on with those times. Happy Birthday, USA!

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