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Kahlú-a #1: “MUY, not “MOO-ey.”

Don’t know why this Mexican coffee-flavored liqueur adds a stress mark on “muy” in its “drive responsibly” blurb in the left margin. Unlike tu/tú, mi/mí or aun/aún (among others), there is not another word in Spanish with which to confuse it, and thus no need for an accent to differentiate the two. In fact, the stressed “u” here leads to a two-syllable word that rhymes with…uh-oh…“gooey.”

Also, while the brand name is correctly accented below the “DELICIOSO” ribbon (I know, hard to see here), the words “fábrica” and “café” are not. When a Spanish word is capitalized, Spanish speakers often do not use written accents where they would normally be required. However, since KAHLÚA is all caps, I would expect to see FÁBRICA and CAFÉ. Bad Spanish or Spanglish, at least it’s not affecting deliciousness.

The thinking cap is on.


Educated Guess.
Yummier than science.

This winery saves the
fullness for the wine,
and keeps the formulas,
well, mostly to itself.
A twofer in the source:
Roots Run Deep.
Chemistry, indeed.

Hey, bartender, pour me
another glass Guess.

Portable Polynesia

I’m a sucker for packaging if you’ve not figured that out by now. I’d just had my first surfing lesson on Maui, and the waves were calling me back. Since I couldn’t get to Hawaii, I had Hawaii come to me, Kona-style and bottled. They brand the heck out of this carton, yet it still feels as free and open as being out on the Pacific. The story on the bottom of the packaging sets the mood, but it’s what’s on the top that makes me grab for the 6-pack in the first place: “Liquid Aloha.” Aah, Coca-Cola can’t touch that for “refreshing” and “happiness.” There was fun under the bottle caps as well, with each one teaching me a word in Hawaiian:

“Aruba, Jamaica, ooo I wanna take ya…”

Moana = ocean
Kanaka – person
Wai = water
Honu – turtle
Mano = shark

As the top of the neck says, "Dive in."

I like the name, font, illustration style and how this wine introduces itself ‘round back. Reminds me of summers in Athens, GA. Green Hills Country Club, a few miles away from home, to which my neighbors and I would bike to and back, sans helmets. I take it that was taken, but works. That is a command, right?

We’ve seen America in much freer, legs-tucked-under, uninhibited stances. Let’s get (back) on with those times. Happy Birthday, USA!

Flipping through magazines over the years, I started taking notice here and there of the way beer and spirits producers were serving up drinking guidance in their ads. Here are random samples. 11 of 18 notices include the word “responsibly” or “responsibility.” Now, that’s some percentage…in fact, higher than the alcohol content found in imported vodkas. Here they are, just as I found them:

Amarula: Amarula is a rare find. Appreciate accordingly.


Belvedere: Indulge Moderately.

Christiania: none

Crop Harvest Earth®: none

Effen: DRINK is a five-letter word, as long as you do so responsibly.


Gentleman Jack: Drinking responsibly is always the right step.


GLENMORANGIE: Please Drink Responsibly

Kahlúa®: DRINKING RESPONSIBLY IS MÚY DELICIOSO. (more on “múy” in a later post)

Karlsson’s: none

Knob Creek: drink smart®


Orzel: Sip Responsibly.


Tito’s Handmade Vodka: Handcrafted to be savored responsibly.


Did you notice that Bacardi and Michelob have the same thing going on?

Sip Tip: If you’re looking for greater proof points, head to Finland.

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