Courtesy of Cali Szczawinski — Las Cruces, New Mexico.

I spied a clever turn of phrase on this campaign button that the owner of Meson de Mesilla penned herself. America, what’s not to agree about here? Let’s come to our senses and vote for reason, substance and the reversal of misfortune we’ve suffered the past 3+ years. Enough of you were naively sucked in by hope and got…nope. For others, “Sí, se puede.” was a catchy, pronunciation-friendly phrase you took a shine to. (Wow, more than a one-syllable slogan and in another language!) Most were baited with change, then switched with “Brother, can you spare some….”

This got me started.

If you gave the inexperienced, unqualified Joebama the nod four years ago, it’s o.k. That happens a lot, so we won’t hold that lapse of judgment against you. However, we do expect you to learn from and avoid repeating the folly. We need a fixer, not a poser. On to the real deal: integrity, resourcefulness, a solid work ethic, admirable intent, good energy and action that promotes and brings about prosperity. Sadly, that is not a lot to ask given the current White House occupant, that questionable American. Which is exactly the point: we need to demand more from our (highest) elected officials. In the same vein, we should also show them the door when they fail to perform to minimum standards. Inviting arrogance and his wrecking crew in for a second try is perversely tantamount to the widespread social passing of undeserving students. We do not need any more lofty, moving target, empty promises from a victimizing, blame-driving, serial apologist.

It is neither crime nor character flaw to have enviable business credentials (at least so far). Nor should jealousy of Mitt’s good fortune and his bank account be in vogue. (That is how certain Europeans have responded towards their fellow citizens who are better off than they are, and look where it has gotten them.) On the contrary, we should only be so lucky to make the most of and embrace the opportunity @MittRomney represents. Who alive, in his right mind and eligible to vote, once and only once, would not prefer a guy who has consistently shown he can create jobs, turn around companies, lead, successfully negotiate, stand for and deliver on said things and initiate and implement improvements? The incumbent is wholly unviable.